Michy Mata

Michy Mata is an artist and entrepreneur from Washington Heights, NY. With immigrant parents from the Dominican Republic, the diverse sounds of the Caribbean and New York City inspired her musically. Although Michy has a strong passion for making Reggaeton music, she hopes to inspire people to think of music beyond the boxes of music genres. Michy gets inspiration from all musical genres, all of which bring an exciting and upbeat fusion to her different sounds. Michy hopes to continue her growth and educate others as she trailblazes on her journey as an influential person and an artist. Michy’s love for music came from her parents, especially her mother. Michy grew up listening to artists like Azul Azul, Anthony Santos, Zion y Lennox, Sandy y Papo, Yandel y Randy, El General, Don Omar, Daddy Yankee, Ivy Queen, sum41, Linkin Park and even freestyle artists like Lil Suzy. In addition to her love for music, Michy Mata also loves Film. Needless to say Michy Mata is a creator and loves bringing ideas and dreams to life.