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Gap Inc's Latinx Employee Group HOLA hosted Katelina for a Reggaeton 101 lecture, which she tailored to highlight the integral role women and black people have played in the history of the genre. Highlighting the intersectionality of reggaeton at the close of Black History Month and the beginning of Women's History Month (the event was held in early March) was illuminating for our participants , and was one of the best attended events we have had in the zoom era. Katelina shared a candid and thorough timeline of the growth of the genre and held time to take questions from our members which was so well received. Reggaeton 101 with Katelina was a true highlight for us at Gap, Inc. We'd love to see you again 🙂

Kathryn D. Gap Inc.

``I thought the presentation last week was very interesting and I was very intrigued and fascinated to hear about all the information that cousin Katelina Eccleston informed us with, as I never really knew about any of this before so it was interesting to hear it from her perspective. 10/10!``

Students Tulane University